Friday, December 31, 2010


Coconut chips, from one of our patients from the island of Molokai

Smoked octopus from one of our patients

Yay for Japanese cookies!

Hello Panda
 Above are some random treats from the past couple weeks, and below are some things that I cooked. Recipes to come soon :)
Mexican Meatballs


Beans and Rice, as always

Plate :)

Hubby's extra dark Guinness

Homemade pizza

Little kitty eating some cheese, isn't she ADORABLE?!

Mmmm, so good.

Holiday Coke, so bad for you, but so good.

Homemade peanut butter balls.

Manicotti beginnings


Finished Manicotti

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  1. your food looks delish! we need to get together and exchange recipes sometime :) also loving leona eating cheese just like nell who is hiding as we speak!!