Friday, December 31, 2010

Legends Chinese Restaurant-Honolulu, HI

Wednesday, we went out to lunch with a bunch of people from another doctor's office. We ate at this Chinese place called Legends. It was easily the most crowded Chinese place I have ever been in. I got some pictures of some of the food, but I couldn't get as many as I wanted. My favorite thing there was this deep fried (ooops) wonton type thing with shrimp inside. It was AMAZING. Here are some pictures :

The table before many people got there, hot sauce/mustard, dimsum (those bun things), deep fried shrimp.

My favorite! I wish I knew what it's called.

Some shrimp/noodle thing. It was okay.

Almond float, the white cubes are like almond jello, mixed with fruit and a little condensed milk.

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