Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 6, 2010

Ahh, my first day back at work in a week. It was actually a pretty boring day as far as work goes, which is good, cause I wasn't really in the mood to be running around like a crazy person.

For breakfast I had a hard boiled egg and two red plums:

Don't you love my glamorous ziploc bags? :)

Lunch was the usual that we normally get on Mondays, a little place called L&L Drive Inn right down the road. Many people love this place, but honestly I find it quite gross. The food is super greasy and not very tasty either. When your boss is buying lunch though, you just have to deal with whatever he wants to eat. I always try to get something with some semblance of nutritional value, so I got the BBQ chicken plate:

I peeled the skin off the chicken, because I HATE skin on chicken, almost as much as I hate bone in chicken, ughhh nasty. I never eat the sides, mainly because mac salad has way too much mayo for my taste and the rice is just...plain. I need more flavor!

After work, I met up with Tammy at the gym just in time for Zumba class. According to the heart rate monitor, I burnt 430 calories, yay!

For dinner, I decided to do BBQ chicken my way, since I already had some cooked chicken left over from the chicken tacos in last night dinner.

Annie's mac and cheese

crescent rolls

plate: shredded chicken with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and my sides.
It was SO much better than lunch, hahaha!
Now it's off to work for me, and then to the gym tonight.

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