Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 13 and 14, 2010

Monday was a typical Monday. Filled with work, bad lunch and Zumba :)
Lunch was BBQ chicken...again. Ugh.

Then someone brought my coworker and I birthday cupcakes :)

For a snack, I had a little homemade veggie tray.

And dinner after Zumba was tortellini with my homemade marinara...but I forgot to take a picture until I was halfway done eating it, hahaha

Zumba burnt 501 calories, but Tammy and I figure we're probably burning calories for at least an hour or two after the class as well.

Tuesday was okay, coworker is sick and making me nervous that I'm going to catch it, nasty.
Bfast was 2 hard boiled eggs and a red plum, which I didn't take a picture of.

Lunch was Japanese food. I had a teri chicken bowl

No real snack, and for dinner, we're doing whatever, so I am mainly eating this:

Nom nom!

No workout today, but I'll make up for it tomorrow, that's for sure.

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