Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry I've been slacking on the blog this week, working full time and going to the gym every night is quite time consuming. Instead of going over every day and describing the meals, I'm just going to post my pictures from throughout the week and what my workouts were. Next week I will do better :)

Some Breakfasts:
red plum, hard boiled egg
crab apple, jonagold apple

 Some lunches:
bbq chicken
panya turkey sandwich
blazin steaks regular steak plate

Some Dinners:
salad with chipotle ranch and PIZZA!

mac n cheese

pb toast and popcorn

  • Monday: Zumba-burnt 430 calories
  • Tuesday: Elliptical, weight, and stationary bike-burnt 767 calories
  • Wednesday: same as Tuesday-burnt 787 calories
  • Thursday: Same as Tuesday and Wednesday, but not as much weight lifting-burnt 700 calories

Here's to doing better on the blog next week!

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